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Liza Merina Mahdi

Founder, Managing Director

Graduated from University of Indonesia on 2004, Mrs Mahdi holds a bachelor degree on health insurance management. She was concurrently managing director in MICE for PT Fasen Creative Quality and on 2013 decided to join Skyconnection as managing director. With a broad experience in wide variety of multi international companies, she has played a strategic role in building international events on oil and gas industries.

Mrs. Mahdi is a well-known exhibition leader in the Indonesian exhibition industries, and specialized on international events and exhibitions.

Abby Krisnamurti

Founder, Project Director

Abby started in MICE industry early 2006, began his career as a Project Manager in Indonesia Antheus Abby led several International projects such as the Indonesian Textile and Apparel Fair 2006, Indonesia Fashion Week 2007, and the UN FCCC. As graduate of the University of Indonesia majoring MICE, Abby has a great vision for the synergy of all stakeholders in MICE industry, hence Abby was appointed by University of Indonesia as a chairman of the MICE Iluni UI. To develop his career, Abby decided to build a company with his colleagues in 2010 that is known now with PT. Angan Kreasi Semesta.

Aryo Wibisono

Founder, President Director

Graduating from University of Indonesia, Mr. Wibisono holds bachelor degree on political science and diploma on MICE. His passion for MICE industries has grown ever since. Starting his career on JCC, Mr. Wibisono had leading various international events, such as Indonesian international Business Meeting in Morocco and Tunisia, Hello Asean 2011 and Indonesian Petroleum Associations 2011- 2012.

With his extensive experience, Mr. Wibisono has been awarded as most productive person of Mice Industries on 2012 from University of Indonesia.